From an early age, we are suffocated by innumerable opinions about love - what it is, how to know if you have it, who is authorized to celebrate it, when it is or is not appropriate, and where to find it. This leads each of us almost to look for it with obsession in adolescence. Until we really fall in love and suddenly all the people around us are happy for us, we ourselves are super excited in first person. But when this happens with a person of your own sex what happens? Often we have to keep it secret from our family, we are not free to be and to express ourselves for what we really are, so we end up turning something so strong and beautiful into something negative for our person. In Italy, unfortunately, in the last year, LGBT people, due to an openly right-wing ruling class, do not recognize the rights of homosexual and transgender people. We are no longer ashamed of being homophobic. Within 12 months, there were 187 assaults on LGBT people, at least those reported in the print media.
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