Photo by Alessandro Furchino Capria

From an early age I was fascinated by nature and by the creatures that populated it, perhaps it is here that my passion for observing was born,                  I watched the plants grow slowly and the snails leave, still slowly, the drool behind them. I studied in Bologna and I graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Photography and Cinema. Always interested in the role of women in today's society.  One of my artistic goals is to break down every female cliché. I like to tell true stories of people who are close to me or even of people I have just met, I have always maintained that photography gives us the opportunity to forge bonds and personally has always allowed me to let me know how I really am, it is the medium that I am always missed to express my person. I am the mouthpiece of taboo subjects such as sex, sexuality, menstrual cycles or homosexuality, showing how in reality they are natural themes that each of us lives in our intimate and private lives. This led me to document my life and that of others. The medium through which I tell stories is the body, I immediately started using my body, I did different performances related to my body, how it changes, how it grows and how it really is.                Then thanks to photography I started to get to know more and more people and to dialogue with their bodies. It is incredible how dialogue with the body is easier than dialogue with words.

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