Radici is a photographic project born from the need to know the reality of fellow girls who live in a foreign country, away from their traditions and with quite a few stereotypes on their shoulders. I wrote to a number of girls using social networks, explaining to them my project and asking if they wanted to share their story. I often asked myself which was the key element to describe that most of this girls see themselves as Italian but at the same time have a strong bond to their country. Hence the name of the project: Radici (roots in Italian), which are fixed in their personalities. For the same reason I decided to ask them to wear an accessory or traditional clothing for the portrait.

Lina, Colombia

Lucia, England

Sally, Kahzakistan

Romina, USA

Sakina, Marocco

Vasiliki, Greece

Alvina, India

Lucy, China

Yasmine, Capo Verde

Ayleen, Mèxico

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