I met Guido & Gianmarco two years ago during a shooting at the seaside. The thing that struck me most was their youth, whatever they did or said they shone their eyes from wanting to live. Guido & Gianmarco love each other, they met in high school and today they are now together for three years. A few months ago the memory of the two of them together on the beach led me to write to them to shoot them again. So a few weeks later I found myself at Guido's house, in a city not far from the sea. We climb a long spiral staircase and on the top floor there is a large attic full of books, history books, medicine, literature ... a book on everything that exists in the world. Guido & Gianmarco are used to stay together in the attic. During that time I had the umpteenth confirmation that we don't fall in love with a man or a woman, but we fall in love with a person. Their eyes, their hands touching and involuntary smiles made me think "if this is not love and it is not the most natural thing in the world then I didn't understand anything."
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