"The day I accepted to be a transsexual boy I understood many things about myself and what I experienced as a child,        realizing how the" me-in-miniature "was already somehow aware of how the mind and body did not were in tune.                                The project was born from an idea of Federico Cina, who one day in November contacted me proposing to create a piece together. Federico wanted our two experiences to come together to create something meaningful. In the end, in fact, we made a shirt which tells a lot about both me and him and I'm very satisfied with this, because we joined two worlds that initially seemed very different and distant to me”  -  Francesco Cicconetti (Mehth)
100% of the revenue will be donated to The Trans Identity Movement (MIT)  - a non-profit organization that deals with the well-being and rights of transsexual and transgender people, promoting their respect and emancipation, and providing qualified support services in the transition and sex change process.

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